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(Q) How may I promote the growth of new hair on my head?
(A) Eat more shell fish; and rub same with a few coffee grounds occasionally.

— 2533-6

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The Language of the Cayce Readings

This is an outline of an article published 12/45 authored by Gina Cerminara.

Edgar Cayce

Edgar Cayce

Anyone who has ever had a reading from Edgar Cayce knowns that the language in which it was couched was very often hard to understand. Anyone coming upon these passages for the first time might well wonder if it is not a case of making the waters muddy so that they may appear to be deep. Such a suspicion is not unnatural; but any person who has made careful, impartial and thorough study of the material knows that it is quite unfounded. Through what one critic called the “rambling, redundant, ambiguous, and evasive verbal meandering” there ran a current of high and genuine import. Thousands of people whose physical health has been transformed and whose psychological difficulties resolved by the contents of the readings will testify to this fact. But the question remains: Why WAS the language so odd? Why the psychic double-talk? Why not come out and say, “this is a spade” instead of pussy-footing around with, “this as we find, has to do with not the consciousness in spirituality (as commonly conceived) but what is known as, or called, in the present, an implement of spading, or a spade.” To this question we cannot give a complete authentic answer because we are not in possession of all the facts in the case. But we can draw some reasonable deductions from what the readings themselves have offered as explanation, and we can make an intelligent appraisal of all the facts as we know them, in connection with the phenomenon of language in general. In the first place it must be recognized that Mr. Cayce was NOT a medium in the general usual sense of the word. It was his own superconscious mind – which, when the ordinary consciousness was laid aside in sleep – became active and was able to attune itself with whatever source was necessary to secure the information desired. The sources upon which the soul-entity of Mr. Cayce should draw were several. These – as explained by the readings themselves – can be summed up as follows:

  1. The subconscious mind of Edgar Cayce himself
  2. The subconscious mind of other individuals in the earth plane
  3. The subconscious mind of discarnate entities in the spirit plane
  4. The soul minds of higher masters
  5. The Akashic records
  6. The universal cosmic consciousness

Now it seems fairly clear that he was speaking from a point of view infinitely vaster and more intricate than the point of view of earth-plane man, and it is perhaps for this reason that a language difficulty arises. The choice of words is often labored; the phrases seem chosen from an odd and unusual angle. Exactly what the language mechanism was has never been explained by the readings themselves, except for very fragmentary remarks to the effect that higher-dimensional realities cannot easily be expressed in the three-dimensional realities terms. But by piecing together what the reading themselves have said with the linguistic impressions one gathers on examining the readings, one arrives at some fairly satisfactory conclusions.

  1. The readings sound like a man speaking in a foreign language
  2. They sound like a person from an ancient era trying to speak to a modern era
  3. They sound like a highly educated person – or an academician – trying to make himself clear to the uneducated – or the non-academic.

The difficulty is self-expression which was obviously experienced by the giver of information and Cayce’s three-dimensional perception, consequently the result was a clumsy dialog, yet when realizing this clumsiness he became repetitious in the anxious effort to make himself clear. In trying to understand this difficulty one might try a little experiment by describing, say the American flag, without using any word that contains the letter “r,” on the assumption that you were talking to a person whose version of the English language contained no letter “r.” This means you cannot use words such as; STARS, STRIPES, RED, THIRTEEN, FORTYEIGHT, AMERICA nor COUNTRY. One might finally emerge with a description something like this: “The flag of the United States of the Continent of the West (that is, the land founded by Columbus) consists of eight and five bands of white and a tint that might be called deep pink, passion pink, wine pink, That is to say, the tint of blood, – a band of white and then a tint of this tint. In the top left of the flag is a field of blue on which we see twenty and twenty-eight five-pointed symbols of heavenly bodies, each to stand as a symbol of the twenty and twenty-eight states that make up the land.” This – as anyone who has ever read a Cayce reading will admit – sounds extraordinarily like a reading – and its clumsiness very likely arises from the same basic cause. The readings, of course, need no apology. Their merit has been proven so many thousands of times in so many extraordinary cases that the genuineness of their clairvoyance can simply not be questioned. By all means use all your faculties of discrimination and critical judgement with regard to the Cayce readings. But do not permit the clumsiness of the language to deflect you from the genuine worth of their contents. Click to download The Language of the Cayce Readings