Cayce Quote of the Day

(Q) Are my Bi-focal glasses correct and constructive for me to wear?
(A) Here, quite a dissertation might be indicated as to give the full or complete answer. Bi-focals are correct, WHEN worn constantly. Bi-focals not worn constantly, the more often become harmful.

— 1158-31

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Local Holistic Practitioners

The practitioners listed are individuals willing to dispense what they have gained from the Edgar Cayce readings, as well as other sources. They are dedicated to giving to all of those seeking an understanding of healing the spiritual, mental and physical bodies. Healing here is viewed as a process of attuning ourselves, our energies, to our true nature, that of becoming companions and co-creators with God. This process can be manifested by touching the physical body, or by aligning the mental, and spiritual selves. All are part of the Living God.

The Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.) and its Arizona Community, deems these practitioners to be sincere, ethical, and interested in being helpful to others. However, the individuals listed on our website are not being recommended by the A.R.E. or the Arizona A.R.E. Community. Any person seeking services is responsible for performing their own due diligence to determine if a provider or service is right for their unique circumstance.

Jenny Allen – Massage and Colonic Therapist

Jenny AllenJenny was a Massage and Colonic Therapist on the A.R.E. Clinic Staff for 17 years. Following that, she went into private practice and now her services are available in the Scottsdale as well as the Phoenix area.

Her practice is now extended to include Animated Ash and Violet Light treatments, which the Cayce readings suggested are helpful for a variety of conditions, including Tuberculosis, Inflammation, Strep and Cancer.

For more information and appointments please call Jenny at 602-955-0551 or

Ginny Poole

ginny pooleAs a member of the A.R.E., the Association for Research & Enlightenment for over 25 years, the Edgar Cayce readings have been the foundation of Ginny’s massage career after graduating from the Cayce/Reilly School of Massage in 1996. Ginny subsequently began her massage career at the A.R.E. Clinic in Virginia Beach where she learned to implement the Cayce/Reilly massage techniques, spinal patterns, Cayce remedies & appliances from the readings.

At the 1st Cayce/Reilly alumni reunion Ginny had a most fortuitous meeting with Dr. Peter Schoeb, as he was planning to move to AZ to oversee the A.R.E. clinic in Scottsdale. They soon developed a deep connection. Upon the closing of the clinic in Scottsdale, Ginny shared space and worked under Peter’s mentorship at Mind Body Spirit Center where they shared clients, laughter & chocolate.

Ginny is an approved provider and instructor for the NCBTMB, National Certification of Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork, offering classes and treatments in Thai massage modalities, as well as Transformational Reiki. Additionally, Ginny offers Tok Sen, a vibrational tapping therapy, herbal compresses, reflexology, shiatsu, Jin Shin Do, and lymphatic massage. For more information on these modalities please visit or contact Ginny @ 480-215-1484

Cay Randall May Ph.D. – Intuitive Career Mentoring

rev cay randall mayIf you have ever wondered how to get started and build a career based on intuition and/or healing, Cay’s mentoring will help you achieve that goal. Her program is designed to give you individualized assistance no matter where you presently are in your career. Every level of your work together will take into consideration your unique skills, experiences, and goals. She will share with you the insights she has gathered over the years about how to attract clients using effective advertising, how to set fees, how to network with other practitioners, and how to continue professional growth.

If you are a holistic healer based in Arizona and would like to be included in our list please email a link to your website along with contact details to the webmaster at  – –  for consideration.

Emily Slonina Therapist ERYT500, CLYL, CTP, RMT, EFT, Author

Emily SloninaEmily integrates sound healing, laughter yoga, movement, meditation and tapping in her work. Edgar Cayce said that sound is the medicine of the future. Through the vibration of the crystal singing bowls and the gong, we can achieve a state of harmony as we continue on our spiritual journey. And adding laughter to this process we have our best medicine. The advice from the Cayce readings is that we should make at least three people laugh every day. Emily is a certified laughter yoga leader. Emily also focuses on a set of daily exercises suggested by the Cayce readings which are more about health maintenance and prevention, than about getting a workout. They are simple, practical and effective and can be easily practiced at home as well as in a wheel chair, if needed. For more information and appointments call 623-362-1583, or Or go to

Peggy Yost 

Peggy YostPeggy has been a professional Astrologer for over thirty-five years. While a member of the Arizona Society of Astrologers, Peggy wrote an astrology column for “The Arizona Sentinel” and “The Arizona Light.”

For the last four and a half years she contributed her writing talents to the Astrological and Metaphysical Blog on Word Press. As a member of the A.R.E. since 1980, Peggy is part of an in depth “A Search for God Study Group” presented by the A.R.E. in cooperation with RISE Lifelong Learning Center, sponsored by Rio Salado College.

Peggy’s main focus now is to help others through astrological counseling with her practice at Personality-Plus Astrological Services. She enjoyed creating  The Astrological Game of Cards© a fun way to learn basic astrology, while playing many familiar card games.

For more information, go to: For a personalized Birth Chart or Transit Update, go to: A.R.E. members will be receiving a discount.

Guidelines for Prospective Applicants

In that it is prudent for the AZ A.R.E. Core Group to evaluate potential candidates for inclusion on the Provider section of the local website, the following reading is to be used as guidance for the Core Group committee making the evaluation.

*“Any suggestions desired to be given as to where and who to employ, to act consistent to that we are attempting to accomplish?

*Necessary that such an individual at least first be in sympathy – now let’s leave out money for the MOMENT – they must be in SYMPATHY with humanity as a whole.

*They must then be in love with that they desire to accomplish for individual cases.

*They must ALSO be in accord with what is being attempted to be accomplished through these channels.

*They must ALSO be in accord with those elements that would go to make an individual not to ETHICAL in that they would NOT COOPERATE with ANY means NECESSARY to bring results for individuals.

*Preferably, then, as WE would give, one JUST fully graduated, or READY for real service. TRAIN such an one – for much of the work would depend upon them. Not that the operative end of that condition would not rely upon the one in charge, but one with the ability and with a MIND to serve!”                                                                                 900-450

Additional Considerations:

Candidate must have an ARE affiliation, i.e., VB member, study group experience, etc.

Candidate must possess a working knowledge of EC and his works.

Candidates must be willing to demonstrate, at no cost, to a small, select group deemed by the Core Group so as to validate their abilities.

Candidates must state the source of their intuitive information, if applicable.

Candidates must explain how they understand the relationship between God, their client, themselves, and the service being provided.

If applicable, candidates must state if their services are subject to licensure, if their license is current, and in what jurisdictions they are licensed to practice.