Cayce Quote of the Day

(Q) What is the best time for this body to meditate – give suggestion.
(A) 2:00 in the morning is the best time.

— 3051-7

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May/June 2015 – Arizona A.R.E. Events

Edgar Cayce Series at 2015 RISE Summer Program

Rise Learning for LIfeRio Salado College
12535 W. Smokey Dr.
Surprise AZ 85378
10:00 am to noon Thursdays

Edgar Cayce was dubbed “the Sleeping Prophet” and “the Father of Holistic Medicine” because he was able to bring forth incredible information from a deep, self-induced trance. Even stranger, unless someone wrote what he said in trance, he had no memory of having said it. However, his trance information provided healing for over 9000 documented cases. Additionally, he gave in-depth information and guidance on man’s relationship to God, reincarnation, karma, Atlantis, and the history and future of mankind and his universe. In this area he made numerous predictions that are just now starting to prove true.

Join us in this in-depth series of presentations revealing for you this vast and exciting pool of universal knowledge which, to this day, challenges our existence and purpose in the earth.

May 7 Who was Edgar Cayce and how he developed his gift (Robert Ferro)
May 14 Edgar Cayce on Religion and Politics (John Schroeder)
May 21 Edgar Cayce on Ancient Civilizations (Steve Bobbitt)
May 28 Edgar Cayce on Psychic Abilities, Predictions & Earth Changes (John Schroeder)
June 4 Edgar Cayce on Healing (Steve Bobbitt)
June 11 Edgar Cayce on Prosperity (John Schroeder)
June 18 Edgar Cayce on Meditation, Prayer and the Book of Revelation (Steve Bobbitt)
June 25 Edgar Cayce on Jesus, who became the Christ (John Schroeder)