Cayce Quote of the Day

“Except ye become as little children, ye shall in no wise enter in.” Unless you can be just as forgiving, unless you can find it just as easy to forget slights and slurs and things that would make afraid those who would judge others. For with what measure ye mete, it is measured to thee again.

— 3395-2

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ARE Holistic Provider Guidelines

Guidelines for Prospective Applicants

In that it is prudent for the AZ A.R.E. Core Group to evaluate potential candidates for inclusion on the Provider section of the local website, the following reading is to be used as guidance for the Core Group committee making the evaluation.

*“Any suggestions desired to be given as to where and who to employ, to act consistent to that we are attempting to accomplish?

*Necessary that such an individual at least first be in sympathy – now let’s leave out money for the MOMENT – they must be in SYMPATHY with humanity as a whole.

*They must then be in love with that they desire to accomplish for individual cases.

*They must ALSO be in accord with what is being attempted to be accomplished through these channels.

*They must ALSO be in accord with those elements that would go to make an individual not to ETHICAL in that they would NOT COOPERATE with ANY means NECESSARY to bring results for individuals.

*Preferably, then, as WE would give, one JUST fully graduated, or READY for real service. TRAIN such an one – for much of the work would depend upon them. Not that the operative end of that condition would not rely upon the one in charge, but one with the ability and with a MIND to serve!”                                                                                


Additional Considerations:

Candidate must have an ARE affiliation, i.e., VB member, study group experience, etc.

Candidate must possess a working knowledge of EC and his works.

Candidates must be willing to demonstrate, at no cost, to a small, select group deemed by the Core Group so as to validate their abilities.

Candidates must state the source of their intuitive information, if applicable.

Candidates must explain how they understand the relationship between God, their client, themselves, and the service being provided.

If applicable, candidates must state if their services are subject to licensure, if their license is current, and in what jurisdictions they are licensed to practice.