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…there is that within self that is creative; and it, that creative force, coordinating, cooperating with the divine without, will make for the choice of that which IS life in the experience of each entity.

— 1580-1

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Helping God Help Us Get Out of Debt

by John Schroeder
Proverbs 22:2Why is it that we understand how the Golden Rule works so much easier than the laws of prosperity? Most people agree that to receive more friends we must be friendly. Most people can agree that for others to be kind to us, we must be kind to them. But does it follow that when we donate money to where we are spiritually fed, giving with love and without fear, that we will receive that much and more in return? The answer is yes, but many people don’t persevere in practicing prosperous thinking and actions to truly attain the abundance they desire.

Patience and faith are major factors in being prosperous as well. We are typically much more patient about getting results while learning a new skill or trying a diet/exercise program than we are about giving our money away, even to a worthy and righteous cause. Love, fear, patience and faith all play key roles in attaining prosperity. Having that many “moving pieces to the puzzle” offers a clue as to why it is harder to track prosperity by the choices we make than it is to count our friends and loved ones according to how kind and lovable we are.

When it comes to prosperous thinking and actions we often encounter another challenge, especially when we’re in financial trouble. There is an ethical consideration beyond the fear and doubt that our “giving” can bring. We may feel like we’re making a moral choice between giving back to God from what we receive and ethically fulfilling the financial commitments we’ve already made to others. Let’s face it, God seems to do just fine with or without our giving, but the landlord or electric company complains almost immediately when they’re not paid as agreed.

So what do we do when we’re in debt and don’t have enough money to pay our existing bills let alone start giving money to “causes” where we’re spiritually fed? A great answer is to donate 10% of our income where we feel spiritually led to give, having no fear and giving with a perfect knowing that God provides everything we need. If that sounds “easier said than done,” then perhaps it becomes clear why most of the world’s population lives in poverty. Having such a mindset isn’t simple to attain especially when it runs counter to “common knowledge” regarding money and what to do with it. However, like learning to ride a bike, once we learn God’s laws of abundance and understand what a “prosperity consciousness” is all about, we won’t ever feel impoverished again.

Here are some specifics on how to work with love, fear, patience, faith and the ethics of giving even when we’re in debt:

Love – a great start is recognizing that God is not just the source of our prosperity, God is the First Cause of everything in existence. God loves us unconditionally and it is God’s great pleasure to give each of us the “keys to His kingdom.” Once we accept that we are all God’s children and that there is nothing God would deny us that will truly and eternally increase our happiness, then we open our hearts and minds to the abundance God desires for everyone. Each of us is already worthy; we just need to align our thoughts and desires with the prosperous flow of life.  We do that by accepting His loving ways for our own.

Fear – is perhaps the greatest and most common block to being prosperous. Fear stands in the way of our giving. It hinders our acceptance of God’s abundance. Fear makes us feel unworthy of ever being prosperous. Learning how to give without fear often requires “baby steps” to accomplish the goal of giving 10% or more of our income to where we’re spiritually fed. So start by giving as much as you can without fear and work up from there.

Patience – is another way of saying God is always on time with exactly what we need. It has also been my experience that God is rarely early with what we need (smiles), but having faith that God has things well-in-hand helps us to be patient as well. If prosperity does not result from our efforts, then through patience we need to analyze where we could improve and begin anew to claim the prosperous life God wants for us all.

Faith – is how we can give without making “payback” a condition of our giving. If we give with conditions, then we don’t yet have a prosperity consciousness. When we are as sure of our God-given right to be prosperous as we are of the consistency of the law of gravity, then our giving is not made with conditions but rather from knowledge, wisdom and faith in God’s abundant universe.

Ethics of Giving – is a rarely spoken of block to achieving prosperity for many people. Here is a way of helping to overcome the thought that “giving to where we are spiritually fed” is a lower priority than paying our debts. If God is the source of all we have, then where could we give that God wouldn’t still be the recipient? Our task is not to make sure God is paid back, but to give 10% of what we receive in support of those activities that spiritually support us. We need to give without fear, without conditions, and with the expectation that God’s will is done with all we offer. So there isn’t a check we can write that isn’t somehow touched by God, but if we don’t see the God in everything around us, we’ve missed the point of a prosperity consciousness.

Those are the “basics” behind having a prosperity consciousness and living an abundant life. If you truly want to understand the kind of prosperity that God desires for us all, then this will not be the last thing you read or study in changing your life for the better. “Seek and you will find” the next steps to claim the abundant life you were created to have.

About the Author

John has been a student of the Edgar Cayce Readings since the 1960’s. He has serviced as a Board member for the A.R.E., Atlantic University and the Edgar Cayce Foundation. John has a BA in finance and an MBA in marketing. He retired in 2011 as Executive Director of Unity of Phoenix.He now devotes his time to writing and teaching.