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For He stands at the door of thy heart, of thy consciousness; and as He has given, “Ask in my name, believing, and it shall be done unto thee.”

— 281-40

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Exploring the Cayce Family Soul Group

Exploring the Cayce Family Soul Group

Exploring the Cayce family sould group

Cayce and His Soul Group Angels

None of us are ever alone. God has sent angels to be with each and every one of us to aid in our life’s work. In some cases, these angels manifest in human form and join us along the way as part of our soul group. Of course, they are not really angels as we think of them, rather they are unique beings who accompany us as we go about our business. Edgar Cayce found himself in the company three such angels.

The first angel became his wife, Gertrude. Through thick and thin, and there was a lot of thin, Gertrude was a cornerstone in Edgar’s life for many, many years. Together, the Cayce’s faced a plethora of challenges. They raised a family, lost a son, feared blindness may beset another son, received public ridicule because of Edgar’s psychic ability, found themselves on the move often, weathered the Great Depression, and lived a meager lifestyle. Adding to the burden of these hardships, Gertrude found herself often in poor health. Early in the marriage, Edgar reluctantly used his abilities to find her a cure when the family doctor told him that was the best option on the table. Despite all these stumbling blocks, Gertrude found the strength to hold the family together. She dies mere months after Edgar transitioned.

Edgar’s soulmate also joined him for this journey. Gladys Davis Turner was 22 years old when she joined the Cayce family as his stenographer. History has shown that she was truly paramount to the success of the Edgar Cayce work that future generations enjoy. In her official capacity, she provided the bulk of the over 14, 000 readings that are on file with the Edgar Cayce Foundation. Today, these readings are accessed daily from all parts of the globe. Not only did she record and transcribe his psychic readings, she also categorized and indexed the readings, as well as any pertinent follow-on correspondence. In fact, were it not for her work, many of us may have never even heard of Edgar Cayce, much less studied the Divine guidance provided from his cosmic source.

Gladys was not the only Cayce soul group angel for whom we can be thankful. Many of us may have never heard of Esther Wynne, but those who participate in a Search for God study group are reading the words she has written. Esther was the chief compiler for the first study group in which Cayce used his psychic resources to create this work that has taken on a global proportion. Though Edgar felt his life’s calling was to use his gift to heal and comfort people, his Source said that his purpose was to use this gift to bring the masses back to God. It was this revelation that jumpstarted a 12-year project. With 130 readings distributed over three volumes, the Search for God books are the result of the tireless efforts put forth by Esther Wynne and her companions of the Norfolk Study Group #1 to forge a deeper understanding of man’s relationship to himself, to others, and to God. After over 70 years in publication, this work of Edgar Cayce, Ester Wynne, and the others proves the validity of the Lindy Effect indicating that this work will be around for a long, long time to come.

The Arizona A.R.E. is please to bring to Phoenix Leslie and Corinne Cayce. Please join us on Saturday May 18, 2019 at the Scottsdale Congregational Church of Christ for a deeper exploration of the Cayce Soul Group extended family. There will be a focus on the women who surrounded Edgar Cayce during his lifetime and afterwards.