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Know, self is the only excuse. Self is the only sin; that is, selfishness–and all the others are just a modification of that expression of the ego. But so close is the ego, the I Am, to the Great I Am, That I Am, that the confusions of duty and privilege and opportunity become so enmeshed in the experience of the entity.

— 1362-1

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Edgar Cayce Products

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The Edgar Cayce readings state that the health of the body, mind, and soul are so closely interrelated that it is rarely of value to treat any one of these aspects without also giving some attention to the state of the other two. Also that for every human ill, remedies can be found in nature in the abundance of herbs, fruit and seeds.

Most of the medicines suggested in the readings were given for a specific individual for a specific need, however, certain products were recommended so repeatedly and emphatically that they have become almost specifics for certain types of disorders. The herbal spring tonic (5450-3) for example, was quoted as “this would be good for anyone (who needs it) as a spring tonic.” It is because of these variances, that A.R.E. suggests you seek the guidance of a health professional to analyze your individual needs and be guided toward the wholeness of life.

“The Edgar Cayce Handbook for Health Through Drugless Therapy” By Dr. Harold Reilly and Ruth Brod.
“An Edgar Cayce Home Medicine Guide” By A.R.E. Press.
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