Cayce Quote of the Day

Each entity is a part of the universal whole. All knowledge, all understanding that has been a part of the entity’s consciousness, then, is a part of the entity’s experience. Thus the unfoldment in the present is merely becoming aware of that experience through which the entity, either in body or in mind–has passed in a consciousness.

— 2823-1

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Prayer is Healing

By Steve Bobbitt — 

Science has long studied the power of prayer in the healing cycle. Though they are yet to get 100% on the bandwagon, there are signs that they are warming to the idea. The ECRs illustrate time and again just how powerful prayer can truly be not only in healing but, in peace projections, as well. This is especially true regarding group prayer.

In group prayer, the members should have a set Ideal that is founded in God. In other words, everyone needs to get on the same page at the start and have the same mental images working in concert towards the desired goal with God in the driver’s seat since everything comes from Him. When the intent is pure our will aligns with His will. That is a very powerful combination. However, if we seek our own objectives and fail to defer to God’s will then, things will not work as well as they can or should.

The ECRs use World War II as an example of this unity. Nations were at war with each other. Daily, mothers and fathers received news that their loved ones have died in battle. Without doubt, this pain was felt on all sides and sorrow knows no bounds. As is human nature, Man turns to prayer in times of turmoil and asks for God’s intercession in matters earthly. In times of war, the collective consciousness is sub-divided into nation-states whereby each nation, collectively, can pray for the end of hostilities and the safe return of their loved ones. When it comes to nation versus nation combat, one can be sure that greed, power, and ego are somehow influencing the decision makers. This is further carried over to the citizenry when they perceive a wrong has been done to them and they want justice on their terms. Of course, justice is Lord’s privilege and not Man’s.

In reading 257-244 given on May 30, 1942, the Cayce Source stated that the war could be over in four months, by September 30, 1942. However, it’s the second part of the statement that shines shamefully on the human element:

19. (Q) Based on present conditions, will the Forces advise us when the fighting will stop? (A) This is dependent upon many things. It COULD be over – it is possible for it to be over – by the 30th of September. But this would require a united effort on the part of those who pray, more than those who shoot! And they are not ready for it yet!

This doesn’t infer that things cannot be changed. Rather, more work needs to be done in order to sway the collective consciousness into a desire for peace. This is done by projecting the correct attitude and make sure it becomes part of the conversation so as to help spiritually awaken all whom we meet. The vibration of the collective consciousness must be raised in order to overcome the negativity pervasive in world affairs. This is our mandate for if we want peace it must start with each of us individually.