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(Q) Psychoanalytically speaking, what is the entity’s emotional age?
(A) About two months.

— 4083-1

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The Soul of Humanity

– By Robert L. Ferro WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE HUMAN?” This question is probably the most asked questions of philosophers, religious scholars and writers of all ages. Plato, Aristotle and others of that time eagerly reflected on this question from the philosophical point of view. Years later, St Augustine of Hippo and Thomas Read More

The Stages of Life

– By Steve Bobbitt A dream shared by many people is to live long enough to appreciate the fruits of their lifetime of labor.  For some this may mean spending time with the grandchildren. Others may set out to explore the world. Still others may spend their time doing something they always wanted to do, Read More

Your Rising Signs

By Peggy Yost Most people know their Sun Sign and a little bit about what it means, but it’s equally important to know your Rising Sign; also referred to as the Ascendant. This is the sign rising over the earth’s horizon at the moment and place of your birth. The Sun Sign identifies your inner Read More


As a youngster Christmas Time was a time of anticipation and awe. Back then, home was a small town located at the base of the Italian eastern Alps. As the winters approached I always felt jubilant in anticipation of the first snowfall and the coming of Christmas. My anticipation was not one of exchanging Christmas Read More

Arizona A.R.E. Fall Retreat 2016 Recap

The Arizona A.R.E. Fall Retreat was held at the Franciscan Renewal Center (The Casa) the weekend of October 15 and 16, 2016. Over 60 members of our spiritually-minded community attended this two-day event. Keynote speakers for the event were noted Edgar Cayce researchers and authors Sidney and Nancy Kirkpatrick. Accompanying them was Ms. Faith Harding, Read More