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(Q) Do carrots carry this Vitamin B? Does it make any difference whether they are raw or cooked?
(A) They do. If cooked, be sure they are cooked in their own juices to preserve the greater portion of same, but there’s quite a variation as to that that is released for digestive forces by being cooked. There are periods when they are better assimilated cooked than raw, but the juices are the source of the vitamin – and that, of course, close to the skin.

— 457-9

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Arizona A.R.E. Fall Retreat 2016 Recap


The Arizona A.R.E. Fall Retreat was held at the Franciscan Renewal Center (The Casa) the weekend of October 15 and 16, 2016. Over 60 members of our spiritually-minded community attended this two-day event. Keynote speakers for the event were noted Edgar Cayce researchers and authors Sidney and Nancy Kirkpatrick. Accompanying them was Ms. Faith Harding, one of the few remaining people to have received a reading from Edgar Cayce. Ms. Harding is profiled in the Kirkpatrick’s book, True Tales from the Edgar Cayce Archives. Additionally, the Kirkpatrick’s brought an aurascope. Cayce detailed the construction of this device in December 1933. Despite numerous attempts, it was only in the past couple of years that an actual, functioning model was able to be manufactured. Rounding up our list of scheduled dignitaries was Darlene Bodnar. Ms. Bodnar oversees the Rocky Mountain region of the national A.R.E.


The event started Saturday morning with a prayer for our deceased brother, Dr. Peter Schoeb. Peter passed suddenly this past February while on a chiropractic teaching mission in Ecuador. He is still deeply missed. Sidney then introduced Ms. Harding, and gave an overview of the history and workings of the aurascope. During break periods, the Kirkpatrick’s graciously allowed our community members to experience seeing auras surrounding their friends. All who wished to experience these phenomena had the opportunity to both see an aura and have their aura seen by another.

The remainder of the Saturday morning session found Sidney connecting names to the numbers found in the Edgar Cayce Readings. To protect individual privacy, Gladys Davis, the Cayce long-time secretary and keeper of the records, assigned random numbers to the people who received readings. The Kirkpatrick’s latest work, True Tales from the Edgar Cayce Archives, unmasked the numbering system and told the stories of the people behind the numbers. These people include those who were close to the Cayce’s and instrumental in launching his work. Sidney’s anecdotes surrounding this inner circle added great meaning for both the newer Cayce followers, as well as those who are more long-term students of the work.

Sidney and Nancy KirkpatrickNancy Kirkpatrick took the microphone after lunch and presented the important foundations Cayce brought to light regarding our physical, mental, and spiritual bodies. Nancy did a superb job in explaining the interconnectivity between these associated elements within each of us. Her presentation began with the importance of the CARE (Circulation, Assimilation, Relaxation, and Eliminations) principles that Cayce espoused. Nancy brought forth several CARE concepts that all should practice. Her first offering was Cayce’s head and neck exercise. This regimen is frequently referenced in the Cayce medical readings, and has been found to reverse degradation of bodily functions within the upper region of our bodies, such as sight and hearing. Secondly, Nancy had the audience stand and stretch every 20 minutes. This simple exercise is becoming more critical in our technologically driven lives, since most technology is used while physically idle. Furthermore, this dovetailed nicely into the third suggestion of “Get Moving”! Cayce said that a 30-minute daily walk would be of great benefit to all.

After the Saturday sessions and evening supper, we gathered in the courtyard for a wine and cheese social. The Kirkpatrick’s kicked off the event with snippets from the Cayce Source that injected humor into individual readings. This material is derived from a 1978 publication by Edgar and Gertrude Cayce’s youngest son, Edgar Evans. Titled, Humor from the Edgar Cayce Readings, Nancy and Sidney presented some zingers with the duo replicating the actual reading where Nancy asked the question and Sidney, with improvisations, provided the response from the Source. One such exchange comes from Reading 3517-2, where the question was asked about when a certain trouble began. The Source immediately replied, “About 35,000 years ago!” Of course, the Source did provide more meaningful amplifying information supporting this retort.

Following the skit, the attendees were introduced to the Pit game. This Milton-Bradley game was invented by Edgar Cayce. It was one of the few games he could play where his psychic abilities could not be used to alter the outcome of the game. Based on the commodity markets, players try to “corner the market” by attaining all the cards in play for a certain product, for example, gold or oats. The winners at each table faced off to determine the grand prize winner. A new member to our community, Trudy, from Prescott, AZ, was the big winner. She was presented a new Pit game by the Kirkpatrick’s for her achievement.


James Betz led two moving release meditations with his crystal bowls. The various sounds James is able to emit from the bowls truly inspire and activate our inner forces. James provides these meditations at various spiritual venues throughout the metro-Phoenix area. In addition, traditional Catholic Mass was also available at The Casa for any who wished to attend the worship service.

After a few aurascope viewings under the morning sun, Sidney resumed his explanations into the life and times of Edgar Cayce. Details were provided regarding the Cayce hospital and the effects the Great Depression of the 1930s had on the Cayce work. A deeper look was also given into the unique relationship the key actors maintained among themselves. Sidney wrapped his portion of the presentation by discussing the final years of Edgar Cayce and his eternal friendship with Little Anna Seay.

Going into the lunch break, the community was treated to a special guest appearance by an inaugural Cayce Holistic Practitioner, Dr. Gladys McGarey. Spry in step and sharp of mind, 96 year old Dr. Gladys relayed to the group a brief history of her Cayce-based work spanning over a half-century, including the A.R.E. Clinic which she co-founded in Phoenix with her former husband, Dr. William McGarey. Calling for a paradigm shift into living medicine, Dr. Gladys told of her current endeavor, The Foundation for Living Medicine. She shared her vision of a Loving Birth Center which shall provide a comprehensive range of services to mother and child at every stage of the pregnancy.

Our Sunday afternoon session had the second part of Nancy’s program. Having discussed the physical body on Saturday, Nancy’s focus on Sunday was the mental and spiritual aspects of our existence. Nancy drove home the primary component of all the Cayce work, regardless if the spectrum is physical, mental, or spiritual, and that is the need for consistency. Her message was that if we truly want to achieve anything, whether it is health or spiritual growth, we must consistently work towards that end by doing that which we know to do.

The Fall Retreat ended with a spectacular session featuring Ms. Harding. At a very young age, Faith, like Cayce, was divinely gifted and a channel for esoteric communication. In fact, Cayce identified her as previously having incarnated as Saint Elizabeth, John the Baptist’s mother, and as Saint Cecilia. The Cayce Source further warned all that she is a special child and is protected from upon High. Faith discussed her life and answered numerous questions from the audience regarding her memories and recollection of these events. This was a truly inspiring session and an excellent close for a most successful retreat.

Thank You

The Arizona A.R.E. Core Group members thank our community for their participation. We are currently evaluating our options for future retreats and will make them known as they become finalized. In the interim, we do have John Van Auken slated to be here in February 2017. More details shall be forthcoming soon. God Bless.

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