Cayce Quote of the Day

(Q) What quantity of sun-bathing should body take to replace ultra-violet? or should body take both?
(A) No. We would take the sun-bath, but take that that adds to the body; DO NOT tan the body TOO much! That that gives the full activity to the capillaries, or to the exterior portions of the system, but too much sun is worse than too little; for light is penetrating of itself – see?

— 275-20

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Angel Communication Workshop Recap

Angel Communication Workshop Recap

On February 20, 2019 Kim O’Neill gave an all-day workshop on Angels.  It was held at Unity of Sun City with a great crowd in attendance.  We hope you enjoy the pictures taken at the event and plan to join us at our next all-day workshop on May 18, 2019 when Leslie and Corinne Cayce join us in Scottsdale to speak about “Exploring the Cayce Family Soul Group: Then & Now”

Angel Communication Workshop Photo Gallery