Cayce Quote of the Day

Keep self, then, well balanced. Budget thy time more…For he that makes material gains at the expense of home or of opportunities and obligations with his own family does so to his own undoing.

— 1901-1

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About Edgar Cayce


prayer candle edgar cayce arizonaThe purpose of this organization is to continue the work begun in 1931 by individuals interested in, and close to, the psychic work of Edgar Cayce. This work, referred to as readings, led to the formation of small groups of individuals, now called Study Groups, whose purpose is to help each individual member with the study and daily application of the suggestions given in the readings. These suggestions are compiled in the Search For God books published by A.R.E. Press, and are to aid individual understanding of our relationship to the Creator, and in so doing, our relationship to others.



The Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E) area team envisions the AZ A.R.E. as a Channel of Blessing, at work in the world, under the guidance of Spirit.

It visions AZ A.R.E. as an evolving community where men and women whose lives have been changed and enriched by the Edgar Cayce readings and philosophy, meet face to face and assist each other in their awakening process.

It promotes a loving community open to everyone, guided by one ideal: “to make manifest the love of God and man.”

Their vision is of a healing community seeking to heal – in body, mind and spirit – one another, our relationships, our families, our communities, our nations, and our planet.

The team visions itself as an education community, where individuals might learn more about themselves, one another, and their relationship to God.

It is to function as a transforming community encouraging deeper acquaintances with the A.R.E. and the perspectives in the readings by those finding them worthwhile and bringing all seekers the opportunity to make practical application of the Edgar Cayce legacy.


Utilizing the principle belief of ONE GOD, a GOD OF LOVE residing in all humanity, to build a community at the grassroots level by carrying out the A.R.E. mission and ideal: “To make manifest the love of God and man”


  • To assist the A.R.E. in providing an environment that encourages an understanding of the soul’s journey, through the application of the concepts and principles contained in the Edgar Cayce readings.
  • To support the A.R.E. volunteers to implement this vision in each local area within our boundaries by:
    • Helping members meet face to face
    • Starting and supporting study groups
    • Conducting leadership training
    • Offering retreats and local programs
    • Making available A.R.E. and other published materials
    • Fostering community among likeminded seekers
    • Recruiting, empowering, and assisting volunteers
    • Opening avenues for volunteer activity
    • Expanding area teams
    • Empowering local teams to nurture their volunteers
    • Encouraging and supporting efforts to adopt the Area Team approach.

“Oh ye children of light, that come seeking to know the will of Thy God through the light that has been given Thee! In thy activity let thy light shine, IN THEE, that others may know, may see – IN THEE that thou hast been in close communion with Him who IS the Light.” 254-85


The Area Team is the primary place where our members can join other members in a coordinated activity that contributes to the Work. It is a center of vitality and inspiration in its community. It is where people can explore the potential of participating in a living process which reaches beyond the confine of the individual.

The Area Team is formed as a group of interested A.R.E. volunteers located within a geographical area small enough to allow meetings and fellowship gatherings sufficiently often. It is a group that begins and operates without a leader in the traditional sense of the word. It has a coordinator who serves primarily as a communicator. The area team is an integral part of the A.R.E. and Volunteer Affiliate Inc. (VAI) responsible in certain ways to the central organizational group.

The functions of the Area Team are threefold:

  • First, are the functions of carrying out the work of the A.R.E.
  • Second, are the functions as part of the VAI organizational needs.
  • Third, are the functions in providing a healthy, supportive and enlivening group for its members.

The Area Team may assume most of the responsibility for public outreach through retreats, workshops, books, products and audio-visual-media, as well as support to members and study groups within the area. The Area Team is responsible for fiscal accountability and financial support of the work in the Region. Income beyond expenses accrued by the Area Team is not regarded as exclusively as its own: neither is it the property of the VAI. The percentages and amounts to be retained by the Area Team and those sent to the A.R.E. account are determined by the representative of the Area Team, and these may be adjusted from year to year.

The Area Team Coordinator (ATC) is selected by the Area Team, with the ratification of the A.R.E. The Area Team Coordinator also is a member of the VAI Group. This gives him or her immediate access to all information at the VAI level and gives the Area Team representation in the planning. The ATC keeps people in touch with information, situations, conditions, people and resources.

The Area Team Coordinator qualifications are:

  • An active A.R.E. member of at least two years and residing in the area
  • Is an Edgar Cayce study group member or engaged in ongoing study of the readings
  • Experienced as an A.R.E. volunteer
  • Is to be chosen by the Area Team and the A.R.E. to serve in this capacity
  • Is willing to abide by team decisions

Area Team members are encouraged to be:

  • A.R.E. members able to give some time to supporting local activities
  • Experienced in small groups
  • Supportive of the team process
  • Supportive of the VAI and A.R.E. functions
  • Living in the area where they serve

Area Teams may elect a Secretary to keep the team’s records and meeting minutes.

The Area Team may elect a Treasurer whose duties will require the recording of all the team’s financial activity and generation of quarterly financial reports to the VAI.

Typically the Area Team supports positions for Programs Coordinator and Books & Products Coordinator, but additional positions may be assigned in order to better serve all the area activities. As these additional positions are needed the Area Team will establish their duties and responsibilities.

For More Information Call:
Robert Ferro,
Head of Core Team of A.R.E. Representatives for Arizona
Tel: 623-979-8220