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A.R.E. Today

By Rose Ferro — 

(A personal perspective)

This year’s A.R.E. Congress Week at Virginia Beach was a great experience for Bob and I. Renewing old friendships and meeting new people was rewarding to say the least. Most of all was the realization that deep inside we are connected as a family. We had the opportunity to meet Regional Representatives from all over the Country and the world. It was inspiring to talk with them about how the Cayce readings changed so many of us.

We also shared some of the approaches we can implement to improve the regions and assist each of the representatives. The sharing groups we attended made us realize how similar our issues are no matter where you live. Encouraging was the fact that there are many well-meaning individuals working hard at meeting the needs of the A.R.E. Community and dealing with communication, team building and starting new Study Groups. We were glad to see a new pattern evolving, a pattern that emphasizes the return to the basics of the E. C. Readings and the spirituality therein, and all viewed this as the pattern that cements, builds and shapes the community.

Karen Boldt was hired as the new Study Group Coordinator. She is brimming with enthusiastic new ideas and ways to expand and assist all those that wish to be part of this adventure with Spiritual Growth Groups. She too feels that the groups are the basic building block of the A.R.E. Community, where individuals can share their spiritual journey with support and understanding.

In meeting with the various Regional Reps we realized that the Spirit moves in wondrous ways and breathes new life and depth into the organization that Edgar and other pioneers envisioned.

We feel in total harmony with this spirit of renewal shown at this Congress Week. This last year you, the local A.R.E. community, have helped the reconstruction team be sharing your needs, hope and vision for the future of Arizona. We have been meeting for a year now and consolidated these ideas and formulated plans for our growth. Some of these plans have been implemented already, such as the new website, speakers outreach, and new personal growth programs utilizing various venues. This is just the beginning of the revitalization of our Community which we intend to build on the essence of the E. C. Readings. Our goal, at this time, is to encourage a united effort from our Community so your Spiritual needs and desires can be fulfilled.

Matt. 18:20 states that “For where two or three gather in my name, there I am with them” this of course is in reference to the Spirit abiding with us, but for a moment let us dare to expand this to: “Where two or three MINDSETS gather, there I am with them” Unity of purpose then becomes the driving force and our personal ideology is then woven into a deeper understanding of the cosmic Divine plan.

A.R.E. is an organization composed of human beings from all aspects of life, which that alone will bring in diverse ideas, so the organization’s challenge is to provide a platform for a balanced and unbiased dialog for the serious seeker. This we propose to achieve through freedom from legalism and coercion yet with respect toward all creative differences. The liberation of human beings from their own selves can’t be done alone since this entails changes of the inner self, changes of perception and relationships. Going solo affects our discernment and ultimately upset the balance of this liberation.

In short, we are an evolving species, desiring a better life and a better society. The readings tell us that we can only achieve this on a permanent basis by “Manifesting God’s love toward all mankind”

With Blessings and Peace.

Rose Ferro