Cayce Quote of the Day

Rather, then, than the stars ruling the life, the life should rule the stars–for man was created a little bit higher than all the rest of the whole universe, and is capable of harnessing, directing, enforcing, the laws of the universe.

— 5-2

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A.R.E. Study Groups in Arizona

The Edgar Cayce Readings strongly encourage the use of small study groups working on “The Search for God” books from the A.R.E. These study groups not only study the material, they are challenged to go out and apply the lessons to every day life until each subject has been mastered. Such study groups are located in many areas around the world.

If your are interested in joining a study group in Arizona, please contact us via the Contact page. SEARCH FOR GOD STUDY GROUPS A.R.E. Appointed Study Group Coordinators:

Contact Bob or Rose Ferro 623-979-8220   *A Search for God